WoD – Ideas (in the shower)

The other morning, I had some good, deep thinking on the state of digital media, while I was near-comatose in the shower.  In fact, I get a lot of ideas in the shower, or sometimes while I am shaving right afterwards.  When my brain is literally not fully awake.  Yet somehow, this is when new ideas bubble up and take root in my semi-conscious state.  (Usually these thoughts are quickly and unfortunately drowned out by the incessant, rhythmic, repeated beat of one, all-encompassing thought:  “coffee…  must have coffee…”  repeat.) 

But here’s the thing.  I am not the only one who has this happen or who has said this.  Not nearly.  In fact, I bet darned-near all of you out there have this happen on occasion.  

So my thought today is not about any one new idea or gadget; rather, why the heck do so many of us seem to get good ideas while in the shower!?  Why there?  Why then?  

Well, it’s probably due to what you’d intuit: we are in a relaxed, uncluttered state of mind, not overrun with more conscious decisions and burdens (yet).  In short, an unencumbered mind.  Here are two very nice explanations on this… human condition.  (The first one even comes complete with an “idea” for an aquapad, in order to best capture and write down these water-logged ideas.)



I didn’t think this WoD would be a bit of a continuation from yesterday’s on the perhaps-deleterious effect of too much work, in too interruptive a fashion, too long in the day.  But after reading these blog explanations, it is.  So people — stop the emails, push your chair back, stretch your arms, go for a walk, and… go take a shower? 



A bunch of things thrown together

I guess you could call the WoD a big kockeputzi.  (Eh, I’ve been called worse…)  

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