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WoD – This + That = continued…

This:  So, I was in a meeting the other day and the guy and I were talking briefly about education and college admission pressures, etc.  He proceeded to tell me a stunning stat: Harvard got something like 30,000+ applicants this past year, and they admitted something like 1,800 or so.  Ok, fine.  But then he told me that over 2,000 of the applicants had a PERFECT 1600 on their SAT’s.  So in essence, Harvard could have filled its entire class with people that got the entire damn SAT correct.  Did any of you out there get a 1600, or even KNOW anyone who got a 1600?

“Waiting for Superman” (which you may recall from an earlier WoD, below) talks a lot about the poor state of our educational system.  Now, on top of that, our children are faced with incredible pressures to achieve.  Somebody tell me how the hell any of our kids are going to get into a good/great school, when over 2,000 other applicants got a 1600, and probably also ran the school newspaper and were first chair violinists, or what have you.

Which brings us to that.  Please watch the short trailer.

This: 2,000 of the applicants had a PERFECT 1600 on their SAT’s




more deep-seated, long-term issues.


All I know is, I want to go back to the 80’s.




A faux pas (literally: a potato)

Don’t worry, it wasn’t such a bulbe.  People will forget.



(the prior WoD):





Deep-seated, long-term issues.


In truth, this is not about any of us specifically, but rather our country, and our overall standard of living.  It will decline.  It is declining.

Unfortunately, I am at a loss what to do about it all.  Except maybe share the issues with you all.  (Sorry to be heavy today, but sometimes, we need to balance gnats and navel hair with thought-provoking stuff, too…)



SHMEGEGI (shmehGEHgee)

Buffoon, idiot, fool

What a shmegegi – always wearing his shirt inside out and not even noticing it.


WoD – et tu, NY Times?

Anybody see anything funny about this snippet below?  In a blog, I get it.  But in a headline of the NY Times?  Somewhere Noah Webster is rolling over in his grave…


“BUSINESS DAY | November 25, 2010

Wall Street Hones in on Jobless Filings


A batch of economic reports offered some hope that the United States economy was improving.”


If you want more on the egregious error, see here:




Joy, a joyous occasion

Thanksgiving was always a simchah for me growing up – it was my favorite holiday, when our immediate family always came home and celebrated together.

WoD – 2010 Inventions,29569,2029497,00.html

Yes, today’s WoD takes clicking a link or two.  (I also know this means I’ve probably lost at least half of you, straight off.  You are all too busy.  Remember:  pause.  breathe.  laugh at something.  think.  back to work.)

Personally, I would have gone with this:

Samuel Jackson, right there in your pocket.  Now THAT is innovation…




A pest or a bore

Don’t be a nudnik.  Leave your brother alone.


[My brother was a nudnik with a capital N…]


WoD – What does this say?

Saw this today on a website.  I must have read this four times.  And I STILL don’t know what the heck it means.

“The position leads content work groups to meet multi product clinical content deliverables that satisfy customer and business requirements. In addition to content development management, this position is responsible to meet a strategic clinical cross-functional business need that drives product related operational success.”

I just re-read it, and all I could do was laugh.  This is how technology people often write though.  It is ridiculous.




Quick, quickly

Clean up this room.  Shnell! Before your mother gets home!


[* Of course, our generation all knows this word from Hogan’s Heroes…]

WoD – Diabetes yesterday, today, and tomorrow

I heard a stat on the radio yesterday — 285 million people have diabetes.  You’re probably reading that and thinking “gee, that is a lot.  Oh look, three more emails just popped in, gotta go.”

But hang on a sec.  285 million people isn’t just a lot, it is a sh_tload of people.  About 5% of the world population, therefore, has diabetes.  And in the U.S. it is ~8% now (24 million out of 300 million.)  This isn’t a healthcare post WoD though.  Rather, one of my evolution ones.

How come so many people are afflicted by this, and in rapidly increasing numbers?  How come balancing insulin and sugar levels is something that our (modern day) bodies does so poorly?  And shouldn’t we have evolved in a way so as to minimize the impact of something so widespread in our populace?  For example, wouldn’t it be somewhat self-fulfilling, in that many people afflicted with diabetes, in particular Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes, not have had as many children as the unaffected populations?  Again, evolution plays out over hundreds of thousands of years.

So it has to be something else.  We’re getting more diabetics, not less.  And in massive quantities.  From a human body perspective, we have to be doing something “wrong,” that is to say, markedly different from how our bodies have evolved to this point.  What gives?

I’m sure there are many intricate answers.  One guess?  Diet.  We eat way differently now than we used to, particularly from an evolutionary perspective (i.e. the past couple of hundred years vs. the previous couple of hundred thousand, or humankind today vs. Cro Magnon days).  That’s all – I just wanted you to think about the massive upswing and onset of Diabetes in today’s world, and how such a genetic thing even comes about.

Ok maybe one more forward-thinking thought — imagine the world in a few hundred years.  Almost all of the populations of China and India have entered the middle class, too (i.e. eat what we all eat).  Diabetes may well affect 25-35% of the world’s population, or more.  Especially when we take into account the fact that Diabetics today and in the future can live relatively normal lives and are not cast aside by society (so, therefore, procreate as much as those unaffected.)  What then?  Do we all go back to eating twigs and nuts and berries?

[*Just did a quick Google search and saw this research, basically showing that particulates in the air, i.e. air pollution, is correlated with a higher prevalence of Diabetes.  Ugh.  We’re doomed!]




Blessings, prayers

We say our brokhes to ask for peace and health.

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