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WoD – Twitter? Really?

I was leaving a breakfast meeting today when I saw this in the parking garage lobby.  Let me repeat that — in the parking garage.  Really.

So, what kind of “garage updates” that the sign mentions might there be on a daily basis?  How about this one:  “Today a bum peed on me.  3rd floor.  Damn.”  Or “@ashton: come on over and park yourself here, big boy!”  Or “Lotsa spotsa on the sixth flora.”  Or “Am in line getting bagels.  Ha!  No, I am not – I am a parking garage!”  I could go on and on, but I am too stunned by the idea that a parking garage is actually tweeting every day.

I know I don’t even have to ask it but, does the world really need to be able to follow tweets from the Clarendon Street Parking Garage?!  Really?



Crook, thief, swindler, burglar

Bernie Madoff is a gonif, pure and simple.


WoD – Van Fu**ing Halen

I didn’t even know what OkCupid is, but these are very interesting stats.  I don’t need to comment much – there’s plenty of fodder here.  All I know is, it’s a good thing I like soul food, can dance the bachata, am a pretty simple guy that likes cricket, and whose favorite singer apparently is Alicia Keys…



An inept or indifferent person; a nincompoop

Look at that shmendrik, he can’t even tie his own tie properly.

WoD – This + That = …





Deep-seated, long-term issues.

In truth, this is not about anyone specifically, but rather our country, and our overall standard of living.  It will decline.  It is declining.

Unfortunately, I am at a loss what to do about it all.  Except maybe share these issues.  (Sorry to be heavy today, but sometimes, we need to balance gnats and navel hair with thought-provoking stuff, too…)

SHMEGEGI (shmehGEHgee)
Buffoon, idiot, fool
What a shmegegi – always wearing his shirt inside out and not even noticing it.

WoD – Have and Have Not’s

I saw this really great chart in a blog posting on the economy the other day and thought it was so stunning.  I think it is pretty self-explanatory.

Beyond just the stark difference between public and private sector job losses, however, to me I am thinking about the overriding implications.  This effect is sure to create massive and very problematic deficits at the state and local level (which we know are happening).  We also can look at this and think about the different levels of incentive, motivation, and overall service between the private and public sector.  I could go on and on at how unfair this is, but I’ll just let the graph speak for itself…

A nobody, simpleton, or awkward person
“I remember that boy growing up from the neighborhood,” his grandfather pondered with a quizzical look.  “He was such a nebbish!  I never thought he’d amount to anything.”

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