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WoD – Red Berries

I had a bowl of cereal the other day.  It was Special K with Red Berries.  Hmm, I thought.  Curious name for a cereal, isn’t it?  I mean, why not just use the word “straw”berry?  Or even “rasp” berry?  Why just “red” berries?  

I know!  Let’s play find the strawberry!  Here is a picture of the ingredients of the cereal.  Umm, wait a sec.  Not here.  

Perhaps even more intriguing – what’s with elderberries?  Why do they keep popping up on strawberry-like things?  Why don’t we just call the cereal “Special K with Elderberries”?  

In fact, now that I think of it, if Kellogg’s was a smart marketing company, they’d make all kinds of crap up about the good properties of elderberries.  How they absorb free radicals and are an anti-oxident with newly discovered healthy properties (ooh! anti-aging.  yeah go with that one).  Kellogg’s would solve their red berry problem AND get us to love the idea of eating elderberries, all in one fell swoop!  Genius.  

OR, here’s another novel idea – they could actually just put strawberries in the strawberry cereal…




To fuss with, to bother with

Kellogg’s can’t even patshke with their product enough to put in real fruit in the fruity cereal.  (Ok that’s not really a good sentence for the word, but you get the idea…)  

 Red Berries


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