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WoD – Teddy Roosevelt

A great quote.  Pretty hard to argue with this logic…

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”




Through tsedakah we become beloved in the eyes of God.

[This is a good, heavy Yiddish/Jewish word.  Almost every Jewish child growing up learns of tsedakah.  It was kind of like Unicef at Halloween time, but for Hebrew school kids…]


WoD – WakeMate

Another installment in the “cool technology” segment today.  I saw a review on this today and thought it was pretty darn cool.  It measures your sleep habits with a wristband, then communicates this sleep data to your iPhone (via Bluetooth) to wake you at the optimal moment in your sleep patterns, as well as record all your data for some sleep analysis.  Yep, “there’s [now] an app for that.”  Neat…

And Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


What is WakeMate?

WakeMate is a cell phone accessory that allows you to get the most refreshing sleep possible. It tracks your sleep to wake you at the optimal time and tell you how to improve your sleep quality.

Using WakeMate.

1. Slip on the WakeMate wristband.

2. Set the WakeMate cell phone alarm application and go to sleep.

3. Access your data on the WakeMate analytics platform.

Wake up refreshed.

Select a 20-minute wake up window and the WakeMate will identify an optimal point for you to wake within that window. (ex 8:40 – 9:00 AM)

An optimal point occurs about once every 20 minutes and waking at one of them will leave you feeling as alert and energized as possible.

Automated sleep analysis.

After a night’s data is collected, it is automatically uploaded to our servers, analyzed, and made available on the WakeMate Analytics platform.

Improve your sleep.

After multiple nights’ data have been collected, we can identify trends in your sleeping patterns and give personalized instruction on how to improve your sleep. Based on your body’s natural sleeping patterns we can tell you when and how long to sleep to get the most efficient and restful sleep possible.



I don’t have the slightest idea (literally: even if you excommunicate me, I cannot give you the answer)

Where’s my son going tonight? Freg mikh bekheyrem…

WoD – Trans-something or other

I was talking with someone the other night about EZ-Pass.  During the conversation, somehow I used the word ‘transponder.’  And it made me think: actually, what the heck does the word transponder even mean?

We all use it, but what really is it?  Isn’t it funny that we all know what we mean a transponder to mean, even though we don’t really know what a transponder actually means.  Put another way, we all know how to use the word, or know what someone is referring to when we hear it, but we may not even know what the heck it might actually mean.

A few years ago we didn’t even have the word ‘transponder.’  Wasn’t this called a ‘transmitter’ just a little while ago?  Why the new word/usage?  (And before anybody just goes get the definition and email it back, think about this for a moment.  If any of you can actually describe clearly the difference between a transMITTER and a transPONDER, without looking it up, well then you get the gold star for the day…)



Animal’s mouth (slang: trap)

Shut your big pisk!

WoD – Good Bugs and Bad Bugs

A colorful butterfly fluttering by, as the wind lifts it high into a warm, blue sky.  The sound of crickets, as you fall asleep with the window open on a hot summer evening.  A dragonfly pausing near you hovering in the air, then scooting past your legs, as you walk through a warm field of tall grass…

Some bugs are cute and cuddly, like lady bugs or fireflies.  “Aww, look!  It’s a big red ladybug in our kitchen.  Come look, kids!”  Others are bad, like stink bugs or carpenter ants.  “Eww, there’s two stink bugs in the window sill – get them out of here!”

And then there’s spiders.  Yuck, right?  But wait, not Daddy Long Legs – they’re ok.  When we see them we say, “kids, leave that guy alone – and don’t pull his legs off!  That’s a Daddy Long Legs.  Wow, look how big that one is!”  But a second later we will squash under our heel a regular old house spider.  What gives?  They’re all still spiders, right?

How did some bugs get branded good ones and others bad?  Let’s face it – bugs are bugs, right?  It should be that you either like ’em, or you do not like ’em.  But for some reason, we hate most and kinda like a few…


[I saw this online while browsing for a yiddish word to use today – thought it was funny:]

Inflection, too, is an important aspect to Yiddish.  In this example, the questioner (think: an old Jewish grandmother) is asking whether she should attend a concert being given by a niece.  The meaning of the same sentence changes completely, depending on where the speaker places the emphasis:

I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: “After what she did to me?”

I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: “What, you’re giving me a lesson in ethics?”

I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: I wouldn’t go even if she were giving out free passes!

I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: I’m having enough trouble deciding whether it’s worth one.

I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: She should be giving out free passes, or the hall will be empty.

I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: Did she buy tickets to our daughter’s recital?

I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: You mean, they call what she does a “concert”?

WoD – H1N1 Vaccine Poll

I just saw this in a healthcare news snippet.  I thought it was weird and intriguing at the same time (and thus WoD-like).

“Pollsters found there were decided differences between demographic groups.  For example, 74 percent of Republicans planned to avoid the H1N1 shot, compared with only 45 percent of Democrats.  And 69 percent of adults tagging themselves as born-again Christians didn’t plan to get immunized, compared with 55 percent of those who didn’t label themselves in this category.”

The first stat is the more interesting one to me.  I might expect some slight difference between Republican and Democratic voters on whether they would get an H1N1 vaccine.  But given that there are almost equal numbers of Reps. and Dems. in the U.S., and that they each cut across all types of demographics, races, wealth classes, religions, etc., I am highly surprised it is a whopping 29 point difference.  Fascinating!  (I have no idea why this would be, btw, but I still find it fascinating.  Feel free to weigh in if you have some good ideas…)



A lazy man

Don’t ask that foyler to do anything for you.  He’ll only do it half-way.

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