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WoD – We are not alone…

Three days ago, a NASA project just identified a planet out there that is super close to Earth in orbit and density and temperature, etc.  Here is an article on it:

The planet (Kepler-22b) is 600 light years away.  Neat!  But first, how the hell does anyone know it is about 72 degrees there?  I mean, really.  We can’t even predict the weather here one DAY in advance!  And second, how do we know what the heck it might look like?  (But it does look kinda dreamy, doesn’t it…?)

I wrote a WoD called Life, the Universe, and Everything a little while ago, after a discovery of some potential bacteria on a meteor – a sign of otherworldly life out there that was deemed “controversial.” (  I am even more convinced now that one day humanity will look back at the idea that we are the only planet that supports life in the whole universe as very naive and self-centered.  Maybe out there it is like the Chalmun’s Cantina Bar in Star Wars after all… (



A pleasant time

What an ayngenemene tsayt we had at their holiday party!


WoD – Digital Frames (also make us dumber)

Remember a little while ago when I was on a meme about how technology is maybe making us dumber (  To continue on the meme, I was watching some of the pictures on our digital picture frame in the kitchen.  Love the digital frame!  Every ten seconds, a new slice of our past!  Aww, a picture of the kids from our trip to the Bahamas 7 years ago…  

But then I thought about it – when was the last time I recalled or thought about that trip?  Without being prompted by the digital frame?  And really, what do I remember on my own?  What are MY memories of the trip?  The answers are that they look a lot like the ones in the digital frame.

So, as we snap away with digital cameras, able to capture so many more images and slices, perhaps we lean on these images, like a crutch, to form our own memories.  Maybe in knowing we take so many pictures we commit less to long term memory.  Maybe over time our own memories fade, as the synapses break down from lack of use (or get re-used for other newer things, no one really knows how the brain works).  

But either way, the fact is that our true, original memories of trips, vacations, kids growing up, etc. are all lessened or, worse, get assimilated by whatever pictures we took of it.  And in fact what we end up “remembering” aren’t our own actual memories, but instead are the images we took and saved with our cameras.  Et tu, digital frames?


2 for 1 special today.  I just read a very good post, worth reading for anyone affiliated with or interested by technology (software in particular).  The comments are also worth perusing – Fred Wilson’s and Jeff Bussgang’s comments bring to bear an additional trend, namely “verticalization” and leveraging the newer s/w productivity elements and components into specific business and enterprise processes.  But be forewarned, it is a bit long and not simple reading.  If you don’t care about technology, skip it.  If you do and are curious about some long-term trends in technology development, click away…




To grumble, to complain

What are you burtshing about?  You get to celebrate Hanukkah AND Christmas!

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