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WoD – Elementary, my dear Watson!

So I was going to make the next WoD on pimples, and what the heck they’re all about.  But that’ll have to wait.  I just read a snippet, which I have to RW (Re-WoD.  That’s a little joke for you Twitter users out there who see “RT” everywhere…)

Remember a little while ago I wrote a WoD on how we think, entitled “Watson vs. Me”?  (  It was just the latest in one of my mini-memes, on how our brains filter things and how we think.  I concluded with the sentence, “It is all about the filters.  With proper filters, i.e. when we know what we are looking for, our brains are amazing machines…  Personally, I think we should build computers to work the way our brains do.”

So check this out.

IBM Replicating Human Brain in Computer Processor
IBM recently announced that its working on a new computer chip designed after the human brain. The processors will have the ability to decide which information is the most important and filter it accordingly. The virtual brains essentially replicate how our synapses work and could lead to cognitively aware machines. Read the full article at

Whoa!  Hmmm, wait a second.  Is one of you out there doubling as a top secret IBM computer science researcher?



To spray, to quirt

*  not to be confused with shvitz: to sweat

Don’t shpritz me with that hose!  I am just back from the hairdresser.


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