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WoD – Death and Taxes. And an idea.

I was thinking about how we allocate our tax dollars the other morning.  (Perhaps spurred by the Death and Taxes poster.)

So here is the thing.  Our government spends on a whole bunch of stuff that most of us probably don’t believe we should even be spending on.  However, what can we do about it?  We elect officials, and they do as they will, until maybe we throw them out of office.

So I had an idea.  And it goes like this.

What if we all could check a little box on our tax return that gave us the ability to steer a small portion of our tax dollars to what WE think they should be spent on.  Maybe representing just 5% of our overall tax bill.  We could have some broad choices – maybe 8-10 categories – and we could select 1 or 2.  Kind of like the way we can give to many colleges now – we can choose to give money to improve the physical plant, the library, the alumni association, the teacher salaries, etc. etc.  So, crowdsource our budget! 

This way, our government would see EXACTLY what we wanted to spend our tax dollars on.  Sure, we might all check the “Clean Air” or “Medicare” box and none of us check the “Welfare” box (or whatever); but that is what the other 95% is for.  

The point is though, our government and the country would be able to discern much more precisely how we, the people, ACTUALLY want our monies allocated.  No more hiding, no more “you are just the riff-raff, we know best,” no more special interests or earmarks.  An actual, statistically significant sample on how our country should allocate a portion of our budget.  The wisdom of the crowds…  



A big wheel, one with connections

My uncle is such a makher in the industry, he has won the award for best salesperson ten years running.  


WoD – Death and Taxes

Saw this today from a Seth Godin blog post.  It is an excellent poster.    

As he says, “It is not possible to spend less than ten minutes looking at this, and more probably, you’ll be engaged for much longer. And it’s definitely not possible to walk away from it unchanged. That’s a lot to ask for a single sheet of paper, but that’s the power of visualizing data and turning it into information.”  I agree.  Did you know that Defense spending is over half of the entire discretionary spending budget?   You can zoom in and all around it.  (Full U.S. Budget is in the bottom right corner.)  Very neat…



any Tom, Dick, or Harry

Him trying to pass himself off as a fancy businessman.  Hmpf!  Any chaim yonkel could do what he does.  

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