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WoD – One Louder

Why is it that the louder something is, the harder it is for our brain to focus on or concentrate on anything else?  Conversely, if something is softer or quieter, we can multitask and do a few things at once.

We all know this is obvious, but my question is, why is it the case?

Somehow, the louder something is, the harder it is for the brain to process any other information.  Why can’t we just squelch it down, like we seem to do so well with a pesky younger brother asking lots of questions, or a mom telling us for the fifth time that it’s time to go up for bed…  (Just another of those weird brain things we don’t really understand all that well, I guess.)



A birthday or anniversary toast (literally: until one hundred and twenty)

May you live biz a hundert und tsvantsik!


WoD – Pardon the Interruption

I know everyone is super busy.  Today’s WoD is a brief interjection to help us all keep things in perspective.  (Saw this factoid from Seth Godin…)

“Multiply the entire U.S. population by three.  That’s how many people around the world live on about a dollar a day.  One dollar!  Multiply it again and now you have the number of people who live on ~$2 a day. About 40% of the world lives on $2 or less a day.

What’s that like?  What happens to you when you have only two dollars a day to live on.  It’s almost impossible to imagine.  I mean, $2 is the rent on your apartment for about 35 seconds.  $2 buys you one bite of lunch at a local restaurant.  And yet, two billion people survive on that sort of income.”

Think about what it might mean to have that be your total income for the day.  (In fact, for something really ironic, I bet each of you earned ~$2 just reading this…!)  I think I can add that we are all very, very lucky.

(You can see his full and very interesting post on this broader topic here:


BAS-MALKE (bahs-MAHLkeh)


Our little bas-malke is spoiled rotten, but we love her anyway!  [Spoken like a true bubbe…]

WoD – FMyLife

Been working f-ing hard?  Need a little break today?  Then here’s a great f-ing time waster for you:  F-ing hilarious.



A delusion, an idea that dominates the mind

She somehow got an aynredenish that the lead actor is attracted to her!

WoD – Facebook gone wild

So, I was at the Cambridgeside Galleria the other day and sat down to eat some lunch when I was presented with this, plastered underneath the tabletop.


Funny, I had just been thinking that, gee, what this mall really needed was a way to be my friend, and be able to see pictures of my kids and of all my high school friends.

Umm, does a mall need a Facebook page?  Really…?



One who says “tsk! tsk!” a lot  [no joke, that’s what it says…!]

She’s nothing but a tsitser, never has anything good to say about the world.

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