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WoD – Healthcare, Part II

If you don’t have much interest in the national healthcare issues, then maybe just skip any WoD’s on this topic.  But the decisions being made by the Administration and by Congress over the next few months are too topical and too central to our whole economy and society over the next 10-20 years to not provide a few relevant perspectives.

So, continuing the meme a bit, here is a really good NY Times article by a Doctor, who talks about the business of practicing medicine today:

Bottom line is, there are no easy answers…



Laugh through tears

In all these hard times, still we try to lakhn mit yashtsherkes.


WoD – A Lottery Conundrum

When playing Mega Millions or Powerball, why is it that a lottery ticket with numbers 4 12 23 28 35 38 is for most people much preferred to one with the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6?  Similarly, we would never dream of using last week’s winning numbers (how un-original!) but, of course, they also have the same probability of winning the week thereafter.  After all, all 40 numbers are equally likely in any drawing.  This seems to be another good example of our collective ineptitude with statistics and probability.  (And it also affords another great chance to use my favorite b-school expression, “umm, I was told there’d be no math…?”)



Ok, Agreed

Gepoyelt! It is settled then – we’re going to Boca instead of Lauderdale this winter.

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