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WoD – The Mobile Election

Saw this the other day.  How can the choice of your smartphone operating system be political!  Crazy.  But charts don’t lie, I guess…  (I particularly like the musical splits by party, too…)



A punch, a strong blow, a setback

Looks like the two candidates are throwing zetses at each other in the debate.  [I can’t wait for this election to be over.  Sigh…]


WoD – on Politics

As you know, I try to make the word of the day very a-political.  And this is not about either political side.  A few weeks ago, I was listening to reactions to the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare, both Democratic and Republican.

And I almost threw up.  

This is not about the issue of whether it’s constitutional or not, or whether it is even good law or not.  Rather, why do we have to take such opposing sides to everything?  Why is politics so black or white?  In one of the retorts, I literally heard things said as complaints that are exactly what that party would typically want and has typically argued for!  There is so much misinformation it is unbelievable.  And more importantly, incredibly divisive.  

So today’s word of the day is just on that… Why?  Why does everything have to be so divisive when it comes to an issue?  This to me is more about human nature than anything else.  (I guess that’s why I made it a word of the day.)  What happened to civil discourse?  How can we as humans somehow not hate whatever the other side says, just because they said it.

I have no answers to this.  I wish I did.  

All I know is, it kind of pisses me off.




CHAP A GANG!  (khap ah GONG)

Beat it!

Remember that song from the 80’s, “Bang a Gong (Get It On)”?  [which I always thought was Robert Palmer but apparently it was a UK band called T. Rex.]  

They should have said, “Get it on.  Chap a gang.  Get it On…”  The song would have been much better.  


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