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WoD – Eyes in the Back of Our Heads

I want one.  An eye in the back of my head.  Why don’t we have one, really?  If we believe in evolution, wouldn’t it have been better to have an eye in the back of our head to protect from charging sabertooth tigers, flying frying pans hurled by Neanderthal wives, and bad guys looking to sneak attack from behind.

It would take a lot of memory and processing for our brains.  As it is now, our brain really just has to process, or compensate for, parallax.  A third eye in the back with a whole new set of images would be a lot to take in.  It’s a bit like the iPhone 5… you know at the bottom of iTunes how you only have a certain amount of memory and you can see what is taking up all the memory on the device, all nicely color-coded?  And sometimes you have to delete songs or photos just to fit something new on there?  Well, perhaps a third eye would have been kind like that.  But I’d certainly bump off of my brain memory some old Billy Joel lyrics and the phone numbers to all my friends in 5th grade if I could download a third eye in the back of my head App.

Evolution is totally great, right?  But if so, why did we not evolve to have a third eye in the back of our heads?



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