WoD – Smartphones Smartphones, Everywhere

We all know phones are everywhere now.  But it’s always a bit unnerving when you’re driving on the highway or in traffic and you look to your left and see driver after driver (after driver) glancing downwards as they are supposed to be looking upwards.  It is obvious the phone is just below, in the lap, on the dashboard, or in their hidden hand.  And it is almost every single commuter on the highway.

I’m on an on-ramp right now, and I literally see almost every single person looking down, or worse, typing down.  Hey, I should use that Panorama feature on iOS 6 to take a picture of all the cars in my horizon, just to show everyone glancing downwards.  Yeah!  But wait, then I’d be doing the same thing as everyone else…

Sent from my, err, umm, iPhone.




To get under one’s skin

Those drivers all not looking at the road – that can really krikh arayn in de beyner.  


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