WoD – Doctors. Stop. Shaking. Hands!

I had to go see an Orthopedist the other day.  And in the process of seeing him, I had to shake hands with 4 medical professionals – first a Research Fellow, then a Resident, then his Resident Aide or some such, then the Hand Surgeon.  All these people are greeting, and talking with, and examining very sick people, all day long.  So, why do they still insist on shaking everyone’s hands?!  If they just waved at me, I’d be happy and we’d all be way better off.  

While maybe (emphasis on maybe) they washed their hands at some time during the day, I am sitting there in the examining room, staring at my now-contaminated hand, infected by who knows what.  Doctors, for the love of God, stop shaking everyone’s hands in a bacterial and viral-laden hospital…



KOKOSHES (kohKOHshehs)


Don’t forget to grab some kokoshes on your way to the movie.  [by the way, did they even have kokoshes back in the Old Country when Yiddish was created and spoken?]


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