WoD – Positively Negative.

This is way cool!  And let me just say that if you don’t get it to work right, then you are impatient and can’t follow directions.  Re-do it just as it says, and it WILL work… 


“Look at the red nose of this model for 15 seconds without blinking.  

Then move your eyes to the white space to the right and blink profusely.”   


How can that be, right?!  You can see more very cool optical illusions here:  http://izismile.com/2011/11/11/mind_blowing_afterimages_optical_illusions_3_pics_11_gifs.html 




A pipsqueak.  “Wet behind the ears”

That shmendrik Jimmy got the new promotion?  But he just graduated last year!  Oy.  


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