WoD – Apple vs. Samsung: He Said/She Said, high tech style

I just saw this nice summary image of Samsung’s line of recent cellphones on TechCrunch.  The ones before the introduction of the iPhone are on the left, then ones after the iPhone’s launch are on the right.  

I know this is just a WoD and not a tech-focused blog about all the intricacies of IP, innovation, and new technology, so I’ll leave the geek-speak aside.  I’ll just summarize the big brouhaha between Apple and Samsung (and Android/Google) by saying it this way:  yes, Samsung most definitely copied Apple’s novel cellphone ideas and likely infringed its IP.  But the courts probably won’t be able to rule in Apple’s favor on much if any of its claims.  We’ll see.  But I doubt Apple will be able to make it all stick, in the end.  

Personally I think that’s too bad because the iPhone was completely revolutionary and novel in so many ways, and that Apple should be able to get some protection from the clear copying being done across the tech. sector these past few years.  Look at that image above again.  A picture is worth a 1000 words.



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