WoD – Samuel Morse, tweeting

The time is May, 1844.  The place is Washington DC and Baltimore, right outside the Democratic Convention.  The characters are Samuel Morse (M) and his partner Alfred Vail (V).  The very first tweets (ok, ok, telegraph messages) heralding the news about a surprise vote for upstart candidate Polk.  And yes, these are real.    

I love how quickly it devolves.  

V[ail] Mr. Brewster of Pa is speaking in favour of Buchanan

M[orse] yes….

V Mr Brewster says his delegation go for VB but if VB’s friends desert them, the Delegation go for Buchanan…. The vote taken will be nearly unanimous for J K Polk & harmony & union are restored

M Is it a fact or a mere rumor

V Wait till the ballot comes…. Illinois goes for Polk … Mich goes for Polk. Penn asks leave to correct her error so as to give her whole vote for Polk….

M Intense anxiety prevails to … hear the result of last Balloting

V Polk is unanimously nom

M 3 cheers have been given here for Polk and 3 for the Telegraph.

V Have you had your dinner

M yes have you

V yes what had you

M mutton chop and strawberries

And so began a revolution in communications.  As well as an extraordinary desire to share the mundane…


MEZUMEN  (mehZOOmehn)

Money (slang)

I can hear it now, a new word on the streets.

Thug 1:  “Yo, hook me up wit’ my mezumen!”  

Thug 2:  “Huh?  Your what?”

Thug 3:  “You know, my mezumen!  Pay up or I’ll put a cap in your tukhas…”


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