WoD – Hot and Spicy Mustard

So I was having a sandwich today with a lot of spicy honey mustard on it.  One or two bites had a whole lotta mustard, and the back of my nose started burning a bit.  Wow, hot, I thought. 

Then I thought, what is it about mustard that makes my nose itch and kinda burn?  I didn’t inhale the mustard, I ate it.  So why does my nose twitch and burn a bit, but not my mouth or throat or esophagus?  And then I thought, why do we even refer to this as “hot”?  The mustard or spice isn’t temperature-hot at all.  It’s like we don’t have a good word for the super-spicy food experience, so we refer to them all as “hot.”  In fact, it is really hard to disassociate the word “hot” from our entire spicy food experience – Mexican “hot” sauce, “spicy hot” mustard, “hots” on a hot dog.  Nope, nope, and nope – not actually definitionally hot.  

Maybe we need to invent another English word for a super-spicy food that kind of itches/burns (dang, there it is again!) the back of our nose and sometimes throat.  How about bsimedik?  (kidding.)




Oh man, that mustard was bsimedik!


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