WoD – Low T

I heard an ad the other day which had to do with something called Low T.  What the hell is Low T?  Well, it is low testosterone.  It was making the point that low testosterone could lead to various symptoms like: sexual dysfunction, decreased energy, depressed mood, increase in body fat, decrease in bone strength, etc.  So the opposite is true too, i.e. testosterone levels are responsible for these things in a male’s body.  Which got me thinking.

Testosterone.  Prison.

I wonder if anyone has done a study of inmates, to see if they happen to have higher testosterone levels than the “average” man.  I bet they do!

So the next question is, if yes, what should we do about it?  Should we temper testosterone levels with some kind of anti-testosterone drug?  Or maybe only in those that get put in prison?  With this type of thinking, we’re half way to Eunuch-ville (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eunuch).  Perhaps “society” would be better off…?   But tinkering with testosterone levels might be the ultimate sign of how far we’ve come from neanderthal man (not necessarily good or better, just far…)



An insignificant person; small, young

What do you know?  You’re just a pisher!   [I heard that one a lot growing up…]


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