WoD – Geordie’s Visor

(Today’s WoD is one of those techno-ones.  Skip if not concerned much with the future…)

First the Tricorder (http://www.scanadu.com/index.html or here: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/future-is-now/palm-sized-star-trek-tech-may-closer-think-210316301.html), now Geordie’s LaForge’s visor!  Check this out:  http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/04/google-glass-visor-geordie/ and watch the short video on the page, called “Project Glass: One day…”

The only thing the video leaves out is the guy on the street who comes up to the guy wearing these, and completely kicks the crap out of him for looking so unbelievably dweeby.


Ok that said, there is something kind of amazing in Star Trek, now after ~40+ years since its airing.  And it is how many of the almost-silly things Gene Roddenberry and the others on his staff cooked up or thought about that might occur in the way way future, that have actually come to pass.  Many of his wacky notions and ‘guesses’ at what the future may become are, actually, the future.  And many are even quickly becoming the present.

Except the dilithium crystals and warp speed.  And the teleportation.  And that very cool thing where you just say “green tea” and a cup of tea magically appears.  I’d like one of those things.


Gooteh neshumeh  (GOOteh nehSHOOmeh)

A good soul (free from hate)

My wife, bless her heart, is a gooteh neshumeh.


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