WoD – Why We Sneeze

Why do we sneeze?  Because something itches or irritates the cilia in our nasal passages.  Yes, we know that.  But why do our passages get irritated or tickled?  Sometimes dust gets in there, or pollen, or other things we breathe in.  Makes sense.  

But what about when we have a cold or flu?  (Yep, here we go again into the microscopic world of viruses, germs, and bacteria…)  Why does a cold make us sneeze?  I am going to turn conventional thinking on its ear.  I don’t think it is because of any old wives’ tale reason.  Or because anything gets in there to irritate.  I think it is actually because viruses and bacteria have EVOLVED to MAKE us sneeze (or cough – similar logic, but lung-based instead).  And of course, therefore spread the little buggers.  Wait, don’t judge just yet.  Think about it first…  

Ok.  You with me?  There is NO reason why sneezing has to be correlated or connected with having a cold or flu or illness.  Typically it is one of our body’s defense mechanisms to foreign particles entering our nose or throat.  But when we get sick internally, our nasal linings get irritated and itchy.  I think this is directly due to the evolution of viruses and maybe some bacteria (like strep), which have evolved to cause the bodily reaction that gets our throats and nose irritated.  Which leads us to sneeze.  Which leads the virus to spread.  It is just natural selection and Darwinism at work.  

And as Spock might say, this… is logical.  




Sometimes moms are yedie hakldik – it is like they have eyes in the back of their heads!



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