WoD – Remember the Navel Gnome?

Check this out (the comments part):


After over two years of just sitting out there, Paul in the UK came across my light-hearted posting and wrote the two comments below.  What a wacky world it is sometimes.  And Google is amazing, isn’t it…


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Paul Gregson-Allcott, March 8, 2012 at 8:35 pm 

This is proof to me that the World is full of coincidences and the Internet can just about conceive of anything.

This is because…

Me and my fiancee have been discussing the little belly button gnomes for about two years and just for fun, we decided to do a google search to find out if anyone else had thought of this.  Lo and behold, there are a few people who have realised how all the lint is collected.

We think they must mine the fluff/lint and use it to make duvets, cushions, clothes and all manner of linty marvels for all the gnomes of the world.  In fact, we live in a symbiotic relationship with gnomekind, for without male humans, the gnomes of the world would be naked as their lint source dried up.

Who would have thought it, a fellow believer!

Paul, Leeds, United Kingdom.

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Additionally, my fiancee doesn’t get lint in her belly buton either. So to support your earlier hypothesis, it must just be males who get the gnomes.



KHOLILE  (khohLEEleh)

God forbid (literally: far be it)

Kholile, you clean up your room.  Someone is going to get hurt in here!



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