WoD – 877-578-8700

Or 902-989-9765.  Or 923-550-3111.


They try all these tricks now.  You know what I mean, right?  The obfuscated phone numbers, the ones where you answer and say, “hello?” only to be greeted by silence for 3-5 seconds, and you know what it is and what is coming – the automated dialer software that waits until it corroborates a live person on the line, then connects you with someone in some far away land.  

Today I got probably the 8th or 10th call from “GE” (in quotes because of course it isn’t actually someone from GE calling me, but some Kuala Lampur-based person to whom they’ve outsourced their telemarketing), asking me to do a fire and safety survey.  But he swears he isn’t selling me anything.  Phew, what a relief he isn’t selling me anything!  I tried to ask politely if he could remove us from the list, but he said he cannot, because we haven’t completed the survey.  Wtf!

Ok anyway, the point of this is something deeper than a telemarketing gripe.  Rather it is this – and it is very Seth Godin-like today – I think companies are doing themselves a big disservice, bigger than they are calculating, when they conduct telemarketing like this.  Here is what is going on — some junior finance person is running ROI’s on various marketing tactics and channel strategies, and they have concluded that “calling people and asking them about their fire and safety needs and seeing if they will take a very brief survey first, has much higher conversion rates and therefore lower cust. acquisition costs and higher LVC’s than just outright asking to sell them something.” (I’m purposefully trying to use businessschoolspeak here.)  So they call.  And call.  And call.  

But I think they’re not factoring in a huge variable into this “strategic marketing and ROI analysis.”  And it is this – for every customer they convert (even at the higher rates than the regular old telemarketing methods), they are now PISSING OFF many many other customers on their overall brand and products.  But this “Pissed Off Factor” does not and cannot get calculated into any ROI analysis.  And I think the overall negative impact and effect of overly aggressive and obfuscative telemarketing more than offsets the “conversion uplift” they get from these sneaky and intrusive means.  

Let’s take this example of GE.  I highly respect GE as a company and like it on many levels.  However, today I like GE a lot less than yesterday.  15 years of goodwill and positive sentiment towards the company is in large part washed out because some person in Malaysia called me (again) and can’t remove me from their fire and safety survey list.  I am not a regular shmoe who is getting annoyed, that is not what I mean.  I am an ex-GE employee who now thinks Jeff Immelt and the top team are disconnected from how the underlying businesses are conducting marketing.  The overall effect is definitely that I am less likely to like or buy GE lightbulbs, a GE fridge, or a GE whatever now.  But I am certain that this is not factored into their math.  And is that really worth it?  All I know is, Jack Welch would never have stood for this type of telemarketing connivery…  



Darling, pet

Happy birthday, libling!


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