WoD – Chiclets

So today I am thinking about Chiclets.  Yes – the old, little shelled pieces of gum.  When was the last time you had one of those, right?

Well, I had one today in fact.  I had a little two-pack of green chiclets, stuck in my jacket pocket from god-only-knows when.  The two-pack said Bain Capital on the back of it – must have been from some event I can’t recall, literally years and years ago.  And that was my thought.  What is the shelf life of a chiclet?!  I mean, this thing must have been in my jacket pocket for at least 5, maybe 10 years.  

We all know shelf lives are kind of made-up things when it comes to non-perishable foods and stuff like medicine and I suppose gum.  But how long is even too long for a chiclet?  What bad could happen by chewing it?  My feeling is the answers to these two questions are a bit frightening: decades and nothing.  So in effect, we hard-coat gum and the thing can last for tens of years, maybe longer.  That in and of itself is kind of scary to me.  

But not so scary that I didn’t break open the two-pack and chew the darned thing.  And it tasted and chewed just fine…



To sweat, sweating

After a big Thanksgiving meal, the next day it is nice to relax, take a steam bath and have a good shvitz.  

*  We’ve had this word before.  But in honor of a rather funny recent misuse of shvitz by one of you out there, I thought I’d revisit the word today, as a refresher…  😉 

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