WoD – on Google…

Tonight is a two-fer.

So I was typing the word star-studded from the other WoD, and I went to Google to just verify the hyphen and spelling.  (It is kind of a weird word to type.)  I typed it in and got 12,900,000 results back.  Normal stuff.  But I paused and thought about this for a second.  In 0.31 seconds it delivered back to me 12.9 MILLION references of the word star-studded from everywhere across the Web.  Google is truly amazing!  How can it do that?!

But this made me curious – what does the 12 millionth-delivered search result look like?  How does one even get to the 12 millionth?  Or the 11 millionth, or even 1 millionth?  I mean, most of us have probably never even ventured past the 4th or maybe 5th page of search results, right?  How do we know there are 12.9 million results?  So I looked.

And here’s what I learned.  Google has one helluva scam going!!  I kept clicking the farthest page of results – first the 10th page, then the 19th, then 28th, etc.  And guess what?  It stops at 100!  So in other words, the most results you can see are 1000 (100 pages of 10 results).  After that, you can’t click any further.  So how can you see the 10,000th search result, or the 12 millionth?  Apparently, you can’t!  I really couldn’t figure any way to do it at all.  Google just ends at 100 pages.  WTF!

Don’t get me wrong – Google is still absolutely amazing.  But I feel kind of… jipped.  So much for 12 million actual results.  I guess in the world of Search, the world is flat after all, and after 1000 you just sail off the Googly edge…

Wednesday (still)


An expression of disgust

Feh!  I can’t believe Google’s results stop at 1,000.  I feel like a shmoe!


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