WoD – The Smell of Old People

Did you ever notice that old people seem to have a certain… smell?  A few of us walked into a friend’s house a little whole ago and we were all smacked in the nose by this specific scent we all have smelled before.  It was pungent.  It was strong.  It was a bit stale.  It also was familiar.

What is funny is, this scent is common to all old people.  It is that sort of mothball, sort of cedar closet, sort of musty aroma.  I can’t quite describe it, but you all would know it when you smell it.

Why is this?  Yes, one common element may well be the clothes that are often hanging in mothball-lined closets.  But it isn’t just from the clothes, because it was in the carpets and drapes of this house, too.  They were on vacation and weren’t even home, yet the house was still thick with the smell.  So, what gives?  (As with many WoD’s, it is not mine to explain why or how; merely just to point out that which we all sense, feel, see, or smell, but don’t talk much about…)



Just my luck

They want to withdraw their offer?  Dos hot mir gefelt!


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