WoD – LiveScribe, the “B” Case

Remember a WoD from a few years ago on a neat company called LiveScribe?  It seemed so promising, and so cool.  A pen that records sounds and also all pen-strokes and marks from paper directly to a digital file.  No more paper-only notes!  And in fairness, the technology and ideas still have lots of potential today – certainly, our world is not yet completely digital.

But let’s fast-forward.  Or rather, let’s just jump from May 2007 back to the present.  Tablets, tablets, everywhere, right?  I, for one, have gone completely digital with all note-taking, as have lots of people.  What’s worse, it is the same swath of people that might have found LiveScribe intriguing (early adopters, those with careers in the technology world, etc.)  

Point is, just a few short years ago this idea seemed cool and full of promise.  Now, just a few short years later, it seems so… yesterday.  

I suppose the lesson could be: figure out what Apple may do some day.  Then do something else…   



A “sad sack,” pathetic person

The poor shnuk didn’t even see it coming, until his wife walked out the door with her suitcase.


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