WoD – Outward Appearances

I could do a meme on our oh-so-public appearances and public information via Facebook, Twitter, et al, but I won’t delve into all that yet.  We’ll let that marinate.

But, I was reading a journal online and the author/compiler has a rather lame and mugshot-like picture posted next to her article.  It got me thinking — is that really the best you got?  That’s the BEST smile, hairdo, and photo that could be taken of you, for the WORLD to see?  You may think I shouldn’t see her picture and then write commentary on it.  But hey, that’s my point!  She put it out there for the world to see and comment on.  So I don’t feel as guilty.  (Ok, a little guilty.)

So, what’s the takeaway?  It is something we all (kinda) know, but mostly all (kinda) stick our heads in the sand about or pretend not to believe.  So I’ll remind us all: in the all-digital in which we now live (tweets, posts, comments, emails, pictures, IM’s, even phone messages), everything is pasteable, findable, forwardable, searchable, researchable, available, accessible…  In short, everything is forever.  Word to the wise.



Piece, bit; a special bit of acting

Don’t fall for his “stop short” move – that is just his shtik!    [An old Seinfeld reference, for any Frank Costanza fans out there…]


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