WoD – Watson’s Voice

Did any of you see or hear Watson on Jeopardy a few weeks back?  (I know, this is getting to be a dated WoD, since that was probably two months ago now.)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUj9AzSE_9c

There was plenty of theological and sociological debate being waged on the blogo- and twitter-sphere about computers being smarter than humans, but they’ll never have a soul like us humans, but neither do we, but G-d invented us to invent things like Watson.  Rinse.  Repeat.

My musing is totally different.  (Surprise, surprise.)  

What if they had Watson compete, but used Darth Vader’s booming voice, instead of that rather pleasant and proper guy’s voice.  That would have been so cool!  If they used a Darth Vader-like voice, and he/it totally kicked everyone’s ass, we’d all be a lot more spooked by Watson than we were, I bet.  Or, what if it was Lewis Skolnick (“Revenge of the Nerds”).  Or Miss Piggy.  Take a moment and think about Watson answering Jeopardy questions in each of these voices.  

We actually feel very differently about Watson, and about “technology,” based on each supposed voice.  The thing is, it is all the same computer.  It is the same algorithm and process and software code.  But we react very differently to it based on what we hear, and who’s voice it is.  You can take the computer out of the human, but you can’t take the human out of the computer, I guess…



To needle, to goad

“I already said no playdate today!  Go utz your mother about it.”

[Kids are professional utz-ers aren’t they.  All you parents need this word…!]


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