WoD – Arrogance, Revenge, and Grumpiness

What do these things have in common?  Nothing really.  Except for this – we humans feel all of these.  Plus other complex emotions and sentiments like pride or pensiveness or pity.  But do all animals feel these?  Certainly animals like dogs, cats, or the closest-to-us monkees feel things like curiosity, frustration, anger, and fear.  But does a monkey get grumpy?  Are certain dogs arrogant?  

So I wonder, what sentiments are in all animals, i.e. instinctive, (i.e. genetic?), and which ones are uniquely human?  And even if animals don’t feel all that we do, perhaps all that we feel is genetically defined after all…?



Do I know?

Veys ikh vos?  How should I know, he tells me nothing.


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