WoD – Wrong Change results

This is certainly not statistically significant.  But here goes anyway.  For question #1, you thought 43%  of people would keep the extra change, and 57% of people would alert the bartender of give it back.  But for question #2, all the replies were C’s.

This is about what I had expected.  Honestly, you were more trusting of other humans than I figured.  A natural follow-on question to consider is, are we as a small group of WoD respondents more ethical and moral than the average population?  We certainly think so.

One wrote a great comment, too, that makes up the ‘B Case’ of this little social experiment.  He mused what the results might be if the situation was changed to, say, a blackjack table at a casino; let’s say the dealer miscounts and slides you an extra red chip (a $5 chip) in a winnings pile.  If this were the scenario (i.e. in Sin City at a casino, gambling, and receiving an additional inadvertent $5 chip), would the results to both questions be different?  In fact, he himself bravely admitted that when this happened he happily kept the extra chip (i.e. a “C” answer switches to a “B”).

So, perhaps the real higher-level thought on all this is not just that we may think we are more moral and ethical than the average person (define “we” any way you like, so long as it is inclusive of yourself).  But also, that ethics and morals are often… situational.



OYSGEMATERT (OYSgehmahtehrt)


I’ve worked more shifts than Gordie Howe.  I’m so oysgematert.


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