WoD – Clementines, clementines, everywhere

So, where did these things come from?  Just a few short years ago none of us ever heard of these things.  We had your basic oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits, sure.  Suddenly (and by suddenly I mean over the past ~5 years), those little wooden boxes are everywhere!  It must literally rain Clementines in Peru or Chile or wherever.

This is a mini-continuation on the “big food conglomerates are bad and out to get us all” meme.  And so while we’re at it, why, and more importantly how, are these things seedless?!  How can our little wooden boxes be overflowing with Clementines everywhere if they are all seedless…?

If your answer is anything other than genetic engineering, well, think again.  Cisgenesis, to be more precise…




Definitely NOT a Litvak.  Coming from the Ukraine or Russia itself.

Look at him over there, skulking in the corner.  See the way his eyes are too close together?  He is obviously a Rooshisher.


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