WoD – Two Hundred Years of Health and Wealth

Here’s a super cool short video all on life expectancy over the last 200 years, looking at like 200 countries.  It is awesome.


What conclusions can we draw from this?  I guess one thing is that I see no reason the long-term trends don’t/won’t continue for quite some time, overall.  Another trend is that while the African nations thus far, sadly, have been left behind, perhaps they also seem to be set as the next mega region to move up and to the right in drastic fashion (by drastic fashion I mean over maybe the next 50 years or so).  A question is, will countries “top out” and then flatten?  Might some even decline in wealth or health?


What do you all see?


[*  Here was my description of some ideas I have on life expectancy, from a WoD back in 2007:  Like Moore’s Law, I think the average life expectancy of a human is elongating by approximately 3 months per year, every year.  Or, one year every four years.  And I predict this will continue indefinitely. If anyone out there wants to read or re-read the old WoD on life expectancy, just let me know and I’ll send it along.]




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That shpitzik little boy is going to find himself in the Principal’s office soon enough.



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