WoD – Lyrica


You know the ads for medicines, where they list all the side effects (by law) now?  So I heard an ad for a drug called Lyrica to treat fibermyolgia.  Whatever.  But then I heard the announcer say in a hushed tone and superfast voice “possible side effects include suicidal thoughts or actions.  Please contact your Doctor should you notice any change in mental state…”

Suicidal actions?  So, that is alarming.  But forget that.  What made me pause (in a WoD-like way) is not the fact that we’re advertising a drug that increases the possibility of suicide on national TV.  No, what is weird to me is that we can take a drug and suddenly actually get more suicidal.  Huh?  How?  So, my big conclusion from this silly commercial is that, somehow, there must be a non-cognitive or non-conscious element to suicide.  Innaresting…



EYDL  (AYdl)

Gentle, refined, modest

He’s a nice, eydl boy.  Too bad he is not my daughter’s type.


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