WoD – Evolutionary Thoughts

I read this snippet in a book recently (if curious, ask me what book) that had an amazing thought about homosexuality and evolution.  As I read it, it stopped me in my tracks.  I was just blown away by the concept – absolutely fascinating.

” ‘From an evolution standpoint, what was the point of having people around who were not inclined to have offspring?  There must be some good, and fairly subtle, reason for it.’ The only thing he could work out is that it was groups of people – societies – rather than individual creatures who were now trying to out-reproduce and/or kill each other, and that, in a society, there was plenty of room for someone who didn’t have kids as long as he were up to something useful.

Human evolution changing in such a way that we may now engage in survival of the fittest as societies of people, instead of just individuals.  As Mr. Spock would say, “fascinating…!”



Fraud, deception  (also probably the orig. derivation for the English word “swindle”)

Oy, that Madoff!  What a shivindel! He walked off with all of our money!


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