WoD – A Musical Instrument Challenge

Been a while – sorry about that.  So let’s just get to it today.  Can you come up with a new musical instrument?  More specifically, can you come up with one that basically doesn’t fall into one of the existing four groups of instruments – percussion, wind, strings, or keyboard?  Go ahead, and try – I dare you.

Did you try?  It’s pretty hard isn’t it?

No matter how hard we try, we basically can’t come up with an instrument that doesn’t in some way rely on or tie in with one of these four buckets above.  Weird.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why this is?  Similarly, have you ever tried to invent a new letter to the alphabet?  Try that – pretty hard, too, isn’t it…


MAKH ES GIKH (mahkh ehs GIHKH)

Hurry up

We can’t wait all day for your make-up to start working! Makh es gikh! [I may have to start using this one with my daughter as she gets ready for school in the morning…]


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