WoD – The Ten-ish Commandments

[From frog fungus to the Old Testament – we take on all comers here at our little WoD…]

We have Ten Commandments.  Why ten though?  (I love the Mel Brooks scene where he is Moses and has three tablets with fifteen commandments and says, “I have FIFTEEN Commandments!” then drops one and says “TEN!  Ten Commandments!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TAtRCJIqnk)

But what might have been the eleventh Commandment?  I’m curious, what was the one that got left on the cutting room floor?  Thou shalt not ridicule?  Thou shalt not stereotype?  How different (perhaps more tolerant!) would the world be if one of these had made it in as a “Commandment”?

Actually, what would the world be like if we only have 9?  And let’s say the one that we didn’t have was “thou shalt not commit adultery?”  Because let’s face it – this one is not really upheld all that well as it is.  So, what if it never even was a cardinal sin?  Perhaps it still would have been perceived as not such a good thing by society, and still therefore frowned upon.  But perhaps things would have evolved where marriage as we know it may not have come to pass.  Maybe people would have had multiple relationships, like they did have way back then anyway, and it would have been more or less societally fine.  Who knows.  Perhaps something to think about.

(Personally, I think civilization might have been a whole lot better off over the past 3,500 years if we did have that third slate with five more Commandments…)



Don’t you dare!

Azas! I’ll die if you tell him I said that!


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