WoD – Frog Fungus

So I was watching a little Nature show with the kids on frogs the other night.  And it was talking all about a newish fungus that is affecting frogs across the world, killing them in droves.  So many scientists are studying this and working desperately to stop the die off.  Poor frogs!

I actually think frogs are quite critical to the whole food chain, and they may actually have important scientific properties to help humankind, too.  But I was left wondering about the fungus.  Isn’t that nature’s way?  If a species gets massively (and negatively) affected by something like this, should we take mitigative action?  Or should we just leave it alone and let nature do its thing, even if it means the potential extinction of many whole species’ of frogs?

I don’t want to see frogs wiped out – I really don’t.  But might intervening on a global scale just mess up nature and evolution in a potentially opposite sort of way?  What if this is nature’s way of reconstituting the world’s house fly population, or some such.  One thing I do believe is that we humans don’t take into account or think nearly enough about the Law of Unintended Consequences in our actions.

So: when does helping a frog, hurt the planet?   Poor frogs…



I wish he were here

Your zeyde would have been so proud of you. Halevay volt er do geven.


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