WoD – Six Fingers

(I know, I know, it’s been a while.  I am going to try to do better – my goal is now at least one WoD a week.  I even committed to some motivation!  (check out www.stickk.com)  So, on to today’s…)

Four fingers are better than three, right?  And five fingers are better than four.  So wouldn’t six fingers be better than five?  Seems logical, right?  And so, we could conclude that evolution might play out this way, too, i.e. that ultimately humans will all have six fingers instead of five.  (I mean, just think how tightly you could throw a football spiral with six fingers – if that ain’t evolutionary superiority, I don’t know what is…)

But think about every single human being evolving to have six fingers instead of five.  It seems so unbelievable and implausible, doesn’t it?  Especially, by the way, since anyone with six fingers would instantly be considered a freakazoid, and would arguably have a lot tougher time mating and procreating than us “normal” folks with five fingers.  And even if he/she did procreate, would their children with 6 fingers really go on to procreate a lot too, so much so as to change all of humanity — all 6 billion people?!  But evolution says so, doesn’t it?

So when is evolution… wrong?



A straggler, a dependent

That nokhshleper will never move out!  Tell him to go get a job!


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