WoD – Trans-something or other

I was talking with someone the other night about EZ-Pass.  During the conversation, somehow I used the word ‘transponder.’  And it made me think: actually, what the heck does the word transponder even mean?

We all use it, but what really is it?  Isn’t it funny that we all know what we mean a transponder to mean, even though we don’t really know what a transponder actually means.  Put another way, we all know how to use the word, or know what someone is referring to when we hear it, but we may not even know what the heck it might actually mean.

A few years ago we didn’t even have the word ‘transponder.’  Wasn’t this called a ‘transmitter’ just a little while ago?  Why the new word/usage?  (And before anybody just goes get the definition and email it back, think about this for a moment.  If any of you can actually describe clearly the difference between a transMITTER and a transPONDER, without looking it up, well then you get the gold star for the day…)



Animal’s mouth (slang: trap)

Shut your big pisk!


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