WoD – H1N1 Vaccine Poll

I just saw this in a healthcare news snippet.  I thought it was weird and intriguing at the same time (and thus WoD-like).

“Pollsters found there were decided differences between demographic groups.  For example, 74 percent of Republicans planned to avoid the H1N1 shot, compared with only 45 percent of Democrats.  And 69 percent of adults tagging themselves as born-again Christians didn’t plan to get immunized, compared with 55 percent of those who didn’t label themselves in this category.”

The first stat is the more interesting one to me.  I might expect some slight difference between Republican and Democratic voters on whether they would get an H1N1 vaccine.  But given that there are almost equal numbers of Reps. and Dems. in the U.S., and that they each cut across all types of demographics, races, wealth classes, religions, etc., I am highly surprised it is a whopping 29 point difference.  Fascinating!  (I have no idea why this would be, btw, but I still find it fascinating.  Feel free to weigh in if you have some good ideas…)



A lazy man

Don’t ask that foyler to do anything for you.  He’ll only do it half-way.


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