WoD – The Lintless sock

A while back I wrote about why somebody doesn’t invent the “lintless sock.”  I mean, we can put a man on the moon and we can’t figure out how to make a sock that doesn’t get lint all over the place?!

So I was thinking today, while we’re at it why can’t we make a sock that doesn’t wear through the heel in just a few short months or a few washes?  If you wear just socks around the house, you invariably wear through them in like 3 months.  Why don’t we have socks that have some sort of tougher, more durable heel?  How hard can it be, really.

Yes, I know they make those supposed-double strength heels or whatever – but we all know they don’t work too well, as even my son pointed out to me this morning.  (“Hey, look!  Your sock has a hole in the bottom of it,” as he proceeded to stick his finger in and rip it some more.)

How hard can it be to use a patch of nylon inter-weaved between some cotton, or some such thing.  I mean, I get why the sock companies don’t really want to invent something that may make us buy less socks, less often.  Kind of like panty hose, too.  But some sock maker out there some where ought to want to grab market share and just make a flat-out better product.  Isn’t there?


IKH HOB DIR IN BOD (ihkh HOHB deer ihn BOHD)

No way!  (literally: I have you in the bath)

You want to borrow the car to drive to California? Ikh hob dir in bod!


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