WoD – What is Justice?

A jury steps out to deliberate.  They come back 8 one way and 4 another.  The Judge suggests they go back and re-weigh all the evidence, before contemplating more drastic action.  So they go back and talk more.  Two hours pass.

They return and this time it is 9 and 3.  Without discussing or allowing any new evidence to come to light, the Judge asks them to once again discuss and deliberate amongst themselves, to see if they can come to resolution.  A few visible groans from the Jurors.  So they drudge out of the courtroom again, heads low, to discuss the merits of the case.  Meanwhile, the life of the accused hangs in the balance.

They do their bidding though and come back; this time, with all 12 in agreement.  A unanimous conclusion.  The Judge thanks the Jurors for their patience, deliberation, and help in this case.  It can now move forward for proper sentencing.  Case closed.  Phew!

But wait.  What just happened?  Let’s think about our justice system for a moment.  No new evidence was presented, and nothing about the case changed at all.  Somehow though, after deliberating some more, the few holdout Jurors agreed to change their mind.  Why?  They now see the outcome of the case the same way as the others did (which is the same as saying that they now see it differently, and in point of fact completely opposite, from how they just saw it earlier that same day.)

I have no better solution than the system we have in place.  But perhaps we should just wonder, is this fair or the “right” outcome?  Is this justice?

Or is it, simply, peer pressure…



A verbal stab, an insult

You didn’t have to give me such a shtokh.  I can taste as well as you that my soup needs more salt.


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