WoD – Pardon the Interruption

I know everyone is super busy.  Today’s WoD is a brief interjection to help us all keep things in perspective.  (Saw this factoid from Seth Godin…)

“Multiply the entire U.S. population by three.  That’s how many people around the world live on about a dollar a day.  One dollar!  Multiply it again and now you have the number of people who live on ~$2 a day. About 40% of the world lives on $2 or less a day.

What’s that like?  What happens to you when you have only two dollars a day to live on.  It’s almost impossible to imagine.  I mean, $2 is the rent on your apartment for about 35 seconds.  $2 buys you one bite of lunch at a local restaurant.  And yet, two billion people survive on that sort of income.”

Think about what it might mean to have that be your total income for the day.  (In fact, for something really ironic, I bet each of you earned ~$2 just reading this…!)  I think I can add that we are all very, very lucky.

(You can see his full and very interesting post on this broader topic here: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/08/patient-capital-markets-that-work-and-ending-the-endless-emergency-of-poverty.html)


BAS-MALKE (bahs-MAHLkeh)


Our little bas-malke is spoiled rotten, but we love her anyway!  [Spoken like a true bubbe…]


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