WoD – Healthcare, Part I

I have focused a lot of my time these past years on healthcare.  (After all these years, it has probably added up to more questions than answers on what might be the right policy, structure, payment system, or approach to healthcare.)  Regardless of my own schizophrenia on these issues, healthcare, rightly, is taking center stage in our country’s national conversation and policy-making.

Given this, I have been meaning to do a few healthcare-related WoD’s, to get you thinking just a bit more about the problems our healthcare system faces.  I figure we should all, if not participate then at the very least, listen along with an informed mind.  Then I got forwarded an absolutely great article I just read in the New Yorker.  It describes the issues, inherent problems, and hints at solutions far better than I ever could (and with data, to boot.)

So if you have an interest in our national healthcare conversation, please do read this.  It is a great starting-point (and perhaps even end-point), and describes the critical issues we face, possible root causes, and then the very likely real cause (as well as some example successful models).  Here’s a great quote from the article, for those that want the extreme Cliff Notes version on what is wrong with our healthcare system:

“Providing health care is like building a house. The task requires experts, expensive equipment and materials, and a huge amount of coordination. Imagine that, instead of paying a contractor to pull a team together and keep them on track, you paid an electrician for every outlet he recommends, a plumber for every faucet, and a carpenter for every cabinet. Would you be surprised if you got a house with a thousand outlets, faucets, and cabinets, at three times the cost you expected, and the whole thing fell apart a couple of years later? Getting the country’s best electrician on the job (he trained at Harvard, somebody tells you) isn’t going to solve this problem. Nor will changing the person who writes him the check.”

Fantastic analogy.  Perhaps there will be more WoD’s on healthcare, but for now, here is where you can find this great article.




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That yolt will never be president of the company.   [Unless, that is, he marries the boss’s daughter…]


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