WoD – The King of Pop

The Beatles.  Elvis.  Michael Jackson.

We all know Michael Jackson was arguably the biggest music icon ever.  At least up there with these other two.  But, what exactly was it about him that made him so famous, so unique, so unbelievably popular?  What made him the icon that he was?

I’ll list a few to get you thinking about it, but I have no clear answer myself.

–  Was his sound just so unique throughout the past ~25 years?

–  Could it be the fact that he combined music with dancing, and in essence was a really great all-around entertainer?

–  Was it his oddities and really bizarre actions/activity that drew us all to him?  (But remember, he was super popular, like only the Beatles before him, already way back when Thriller came out, and he hadn’t developed (or revealed) much of his quirkiness.)

–  Was it MTV that made him?

–  Could it be that he appealed to a very wide range of music listeners – from teenagers all the way to 50 year-olds?

–  How about the fact that he was a global star, loved across cultures and geographies?

–  Was it the moonwalk?

It’s hard to say.  For all his crazy antics and really bizarre behaviors, for me, when I boil it all down, it comes down to this: his music.  Despite all his craziness (and I mean complete craziness), for ~20 years he managed to produce just great music.  I know that may sound simple, but at the core of all that he was, was some unbelievable pop music.

And I have a sneaky feeling his music may even become more popular, and certainly more hallowed, in his passing.


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