WoD – Ignoring the Voice

“Lilly.  Lilly.  Lilly…  Lilly!  Lilly!…  Lilly Lilly!  LILLY!…  LIIIILLLYYY!  LILly…  LilLLYY…!  LLLIIILLLLYYY!!!”

This is what I heard yesterday as a poor younger sibling Spencer tried to get his big sister’s attention.

And it got me thinking.  Why do we as humans just completely tune out a younger sibling, or a parent, or even a child, so often?  We’ve all done it, and we’ve all had it done to us.  Sometimes we just completely don’t acknowledge someone who is trying desperately to get our attention.  (Mostly, and exasperatingly, it’s children ignoring the adults.)  Why though?  What’s that all about?

I mean, I understand it can be a nuisance or slightly unsettling if a child tugs incessantly at your pant leg, or a younger brother wants to say something while you’re busy playing with your friend, or a parent wants you to stop jumping on the couch.  But we all should know by now that the ignored never relents, and always gets acknowledged in the end.  Yet we make them jump through hoops and get all upset (or worse, much louder and insistent) anyway.  And then we snap at them like they’re being a huge pain in the rump and say, “WHHAAAT!  What is it already!?”  Perhaps it’s more a problem with the ignorer, not the ignored.  (Poor Spencer, he’s got another 12 years of often being ignored by his older sister.  Hey, as the youngest child, I can empathize…)


NIT MASIG TSU ZAYN  (niht MAHsihg tsoo ZAIN)


She has seven children to care for? Nit masig tsu zayn!


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