WoD – Old is the New “New”

So I’m sitting here eating an organic tomato.  Almost reveling in it – the redness, the plumpness, the juiciness, the healthiness of it (since it’s “organic”).  I feel like I’m eating a superior, luscious vegetable and should even savor it a bit (and let’s face it, for what we have to pay for organic fruits and veggies, we should savor every darn bite.)  This tomato happens to be from a roadside farm too, all nice and fresh and organic.

But hang on a sec – doesn’t “organic” mean fruit/veggies NOT altered, or all hormoned-up, or fertilized or artificially flavored or colored?  In other words, doesn’t organic kind of mean “stuff we planted and just yanked out of the ground”?  Like in the good old days of fruit-eating, back when we all grew up?  And so shouldn’t this stuff actually be cheaper than all that artificially-altered or manufactured non-organic fruits/veggies?  I mean, here’s the formula for an organic tomato:  plant seeds.  water a little bit.  tape the sprouting vine to a piece of wood stuck in the ground.  wait.  pick and put on a truck.  sell.  oh yes, call it “organic.”

We all want fresh and organic stuff.  What’s curious here is that in the process of getting rid of all the chemicals, hormones and processes of the past ~30 years, we now have to pay way more for the privilege.  What great marketing this is.  Old is the new “new”…


KHALOSHES* (khahLOHshehs)

Nausea, weakness

[*  not to be confused with galoshes…]

Brady is out for the season?!  I need to lie down.  Oy, I am feeling khaloshes.


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