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Occasionally, I get an idea.  Maybe you do too sometimes.  Realistically though, I don’t want to go do it as a business.  But wouldn’t it be good if the world had this widget, product, or service anyway?  An example from past WoD’s might be the toilet that flushes with a foot lever.  I’d like the world to have foot-controlled flushers, but I don’t really want to take out a second mortgage to go build a foot-flusher toilet empire.  (I actually saw one of these about a month ago in an airport, and it was great – wahoo!)

Today’s WoD idea is actually not a specific idea or thing, but rather that I was thinking that the world needs a place to offer up these types of ideas to the general public and allow anyone with the means or resources or energy to go ahead and make it happen.  I’ve coined this something like www.goodideas.com, and it could be a site whereby anyone could post their idea/product/service, describe it a bit, but then allow any reader or peruser out there to go ahead and explore it further or commercialize it.  No licenses, no IP claims or future lawsuits or anything – complete freedom to operate.  Once it’s posted it belongs to the public domain, or something like that.

I just got an added thought – we could even open up these ideas to user-generated comments or ratings by the viewers out there.  (I am a believer in the power of the masses or in collective intelligence – all that Web 2.0 stuff with rankings, promotable ratings systems, etc. etc.)  So, the better ideas would get even more popularity and visibility, making it even more compelling and less risky for someone entrepreneurial out there to go and do it.  It could even be designed, developed, and produced by the audience.  And why not – after all, if you’ve ever seen a public men’s room you’ll know that the world needs foot-controlled toilet flushers…



Donkey, jackass, numbskull, fool

Joe, don’t be such a chamoole.  Go out and get a TiVo already…!


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