WoD – Who Really Needs a Buick?

Poor GM.  Had to go to (pre-packaged) bankruptcy.  Woe is them.

I think bankruptcy can often be healthy and constructive.  Much like a forest fire is natural and sometimes necessary to clear out lands and allow for new growth and rebuilding.  And in the case of GM, they certainly need it.

However, while I would like to be optimistic and encouraging for GM’s re-emergence (after all, we taxpayers now own the damn thing), I worry that they still don’t get it.  After all that has happened, they still don’t get it.  Why do I say this?  Aren’t there going to be very smart, post-MBA, whipper-snapper Consultants all over GM, helping run all sorts of Cost-Benefit and SWOT and Cost Accounting analyses to figure how to run GM profitably?  Surely with all the horse-power and support GM will get in the coming months, they must be able to figure it out, right?  Well I have one question that throws all those analyses right out the window.  And it is this:

Who the heck really needs a Buick?

Think about this “brand” for a moment.  I am sure there are all sorts of analyses they’ll come up with that show that the “contribution margin of Buick sales adds incrementally to the bottom line of the new GM” blah blah blah.  I still will say that those people aren’t doing their analysis right.  Things like that never take into account (and perhaps never fully can) the true notion of opportunity cost.  Let’s think about it this way — if Steve Jobs was helicoptered in and made CEO of GM right now, do you think he would keep the Buick line intact, as it is?  I say again, who really needs a Buick?



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What a durkhforer, wandering job to job for hie whole life.


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